Thursday, July 26, 2007


There are very few things about moving to a new place that aren't difficult, stressful, or frustrating. Actually, we aren't even to that point yet... let me restart...

There are very few things about THINKING about moving to a new place that aren't difficult, stressful, or frustrating.

We're thinking about moving, though we're very actively thinking about it. We have the house we are thinking about in sight, and have already started the processes of getting pre-approved for the loan, getting our house on the market, and letting the selling agent of the other house know of our interest.

We've already visited the place once, and are going again, this time with a more specific idea of it actually being the place we buy, not just looking at it in comparison to other places. To make things easy, we're listing our current house with the same person who is selling the other house... so he's both our selling agent, our buying agent, and our potential house's previous owners selling agent... obviously that alone presents so many potential conflicts of interest, but I'm watching that carefully...

But SELLING our current place... that seems easy... but the steps to actually let people see it are going to be very tiring... almost as much as moving itself will be (though, probably not quite). The fact that we still live here makes it difficult... we need to make it look 'demo-house lived in', which is VERY VERY different than 'reality lived-in'. And actually living in it while it's in that state will be difficult and a little uncomfortable. Fun stuff...

And we have to figure out where to hide all the junk we aren't supposed to let people know we use... all the stuff on the fridge, on our desks, on the kitchen counters, tables, etc, etc... People don't realize most kitchens actually have things like coffee makers, toaster ovens, toasters, etc? Yeah... well, it's all about psychology. People are too lazy to have to think about what they see when they are looking at something to buy, and we aren't going to be changing that any time soon. :/

Would be so much easier if we could move out before trying to sell it... and trying to figure out what to do with our cat and dog during this process is going to be interesting... the first random viewing person who lets either of them out is probably going to have to file a restraining order against us.

I can't wait...

Oh, and assuming everything goes past this point.. the move itself... *shudder* Then... making the new place livable (unpacking, painting, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc)... I think we should have been storing up energy for the past few years in preperation.

The place isn't even a mile from here... but it is almost twice the size, so that'll be useful.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Flickr test

This is a test... Yahoo! Photos is closing, and I had to move to another photo storage solution... Yahoo's been working on flickr, and so far it seems relatively interesting. So I'm testing posting an image blog from Flickr.

And if anyone else uses flickr and for some reason reads this blog, look me up, send an email, or otherwise add me or invite me. :)