Monday, December 11, 2006

I love cell phone support

Verizon believes $.002 = 0.002 cents

This is kind of sad... it is worse because I've actually had this same problem before. I really HATE that a company takes no responsibility for it's customer service reps, who are essentially the companies voice to its customers. If 20 of them quote something, and a customer actually believes that's true and plans their actions based on that information, and then the company goes back and says 'no, no, that isn't the way it is.. I don't know why they told you that'... Very very frustrating... a similiar situation cost me $9,000 last year when numerous customer service reps of a bank assured me a cashiers check was good and cleared, and 3 weeks later, after cashing it and doing the trade, I found out it was counterfeit and the bank pretty much said "sorry, nothing we can do, your out the money".

Friday, December 08, 2006

Irwin meets Ross

Had this link passed to me, and it's pretty funny... I guess Ross the intern is from "Jay Leno", though I don't watch that enough to actually have known that.

Steve Irwin meets Ross the Intern

I'm not sure who was funnier in this. I miss Steve Irwin.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Banquet Pics up

This weekend was the annual White Dragon Banquet and Holiday sale / exhibition. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware of these until the night before I was getting my wisdom teeth removed, so I didn't really enjoy either as much as I'd have liked... I could barely eat at the banquet, and I wasn't able to perform at the exhibition. But we still went to both, and it was fun overall, minus the excruciating constant pain.

Here's a direct link to the album, or you could go through the interface and find it.