Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ow... !!!

Ok, so they are now out of my head... and wow, this hurts. My face is still mostly numb from anestesia, but the pain is still overwhelming. I don't really want to take anything, but I am pretty sure I'm going to.

One of the teeth was an inch long! It took a good chunk of my jaw with it.

I'm not going to post the pictures directly, but here are some links to pics of the teeth. They are pretty huge... I can't believe this came out of my head.

The inch long one that took a fair amount of my upper jaw with it
Flip side of that one
Yes, really, that's jawbone
Nearly as wide as it is long
All three

I hope this feels better soon... my mouth is stuffed with gauze right now, not really very comfortable, but I'll not go into details. It's all rather disturbing, really.

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