Monday, December 11, 2006

I love cell phone support

Verizon believes $.002 = 0.002 cents

This is kind of sad... it is worse because I've actually had this same problem before. I really HATE that a company takes no responsibility for it's customer service reps, who are essentially the companies voice to its customers. If 20 of them quote something, and a customer actually believes that's true and plans their actions based on that information, and then the company goes back and says 'no, no, that isn't the way it is.. I don't know why they told you that'... Very very frustrating... a similiar situation cost me $9,000 last year when numerous customer service reps of a bank assured me a cashiers check was good and cleared, and 3 weeks later, after cashing it and doing the trade, I found out it was counterfeit and the bank pretty much said "sorry, nothing we can do, your out the money".

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