Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas at home

First, plenty of new pictures and videos uploaded to Flickr ( , most in the Christmas 2008 and Sophia 2008 albums (not much time to organize ... also, mostly they overlap, most pics are in both sections).

Christmas has been good, though slightly stressful. We hardly have company at all, and we're hosting both our families plus a new baby for 4+ weeks... the help is probably a great (and bad in some ways, but mostly good) thing, but since we are largely house-bound due to needing to take care of a newborn, the place can start to feel a bit small at times. It's both a blessing and curse that my parents both only speak English and her parents both only speak Portuguese. Unfortunately for her, she's the only one who speaks both, so must get stuck as a translator a lot... I can speak and understand a little, but not enough to be particularly useful. And Sophia only speaks the language of cries and grunts so far, along with Danny and Lacey who just growl and bark, and Nia who just sort of meows and mrows.

But overall things are going better than I thought, and I'm sure we are going to miss this once everyone leaves. My parents leave Jan 2, in just under a week, her father leaves mid-January, but her mother stays until March, so we'll still have some help with the baby for a while, which will be good.

Anyway, Happy Holidays and all that, to anyone who happens to read this around them...

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