Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sophia's Lullaby

My father had decided to write Sophia a song around Christmas, and sent us the rough draft... it was just recorded at their house, and didn't have a lot of what would go into the final version, but Karen (and Sophia!) liked it, and she (Karen, not Sophia :) ) stuck it in a format where her family could enjoy it too. She translated it in Portuguese, as well as including the English lyrics, timed to a short slideshow.

Originally we did this in powerpoint 2007, which is the best version, but that only works for people who have MS Office 2007 installed... we then did a version in Powerpoint 97, which more people should be able to view, but couldn't figure out how to have it auto-open as a slideshow. Finally, we did 3 versions of different qualities in a video file (WMV, we were too lazy to take the time to do it in Pinnacle, where we could have used other formats).

So here they are, in the various forms, in order of quality (highest on top):

Sophia's Lullaby (powerpoint 2007 - 11.5MB)
Sophia's Lullaby (Powerpoint 97 - 20.6MB)
Sophia's Lullaby (WMV Full size - 20.9MB)
Sophia's Lullaby (WMV Medium size - 12.3MB)
Sophia's Lullaby (WMV Small size - 2.7MB)

Sophia's Lullaby (MP3, no video - 5.7MB)
Sohpia's Lullaby (lyrics, English 2KB)

Technically, they are all "Sophie's Lullaby", but I kept typing the A (it's not a shortcut in writing, just in speech I just realized. :) )

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Sara Kempff said... try that. congrats! btw.