Friday, July 27, 2012

The problem with education

This definitely resonates with me... however, while defining the problem is good, what is the wide-scale solution to this? De-templatizing education creates a lot of potential for inequality (which, granted, is already a problem, and the struggle for equality has been a big factor leading to the current situation) and makes governance difficult. It would take a lot of work and the transition could be a very unstable period. Would it mean breaking apart the current public education system and re-wiring it to at the least cover a few of the major types of learners, potentially leaving the edge cases left behind on the side of the road? Or should charter schools be given more incentive and creative freedom?

It's an obvious problem, but I would like to hear the obvious solution(s), and see how feasible they are. Public schooling has a hard time making this shift due to its scale, and private schooling has issues due to the radical nature and risk involved, and needing to have a way to find acceptance and ultimately show comparison results.

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